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I Need Some Help

Dear Brother Ron

I'd just like some help with some things I've been thinking about lately. Why does god let people in the Middle East battle in his name and kill? I’m sure with all his power he could find a way to tell them he doesn't like bloodshed in his name.

Why does god allow for things like Down’s Syndrome? Do they still get to go to heaven? They can't pray or anything.

If the catholic religion started in Europe, and Jesus came from the Middle East, shouldn't the religions in the Middle East be more accurate?

Lastly, why does it seem like God is saying "BE GOOD OR GO TO HELL"?

Please don't be like my girlfriend. I was talking to her about this and all she said was, “because that's how God wants it to be”, and stuff like god wants us to pick our own decisions. I mean yes, He wants us to make our own decisions, but why would He let extreme things like genocides happen?


Dear Agarth

Of course God does not like people killing and wounding others in His name. He didn’t like it any better when the Christians did it in the Inquisition or the Crusades or when countries like Germany, Bosnia or the Sudan engaged in “ethnic cleansing”. But each of these tragedies has resulted in growth of the collective conscience and a determination that such tragedies should not be allowed to be repeated. As God’s children, we are growing toward what our Father wants us to become. And as any parent can tell you, growth is a slow and painful process.

Yes, children with Down’s Syndrome and other mental impairments go to heaven. Those with these conditions exist in a permanent childlike state. Jesus said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me for such is the kingdom of heaven”. I’m sure he was talking about mental development as well as physical development.

Since the religions of the Middle East, notably Islam, have turned into political movements, they should be viewed with the same skepticism given to any political movement. Unfortunately, most religious organizations tend to lose themselves in political concerns. This is why I tell people to commune directly with God instead of relying on the interpretations of fallible humans.

Finally, the Bible tells us we are saved by the grace of God, not our own works. If no deeds are good enough to earn a place in heaven, no deeds are bad enough to earn a place in hell. We should live moral and upright lives as a testimony to our faith. How many have rejected God because of the ungodly acts of his alleged followers? If you believe in someone, shouldn’t you do what they tell you to do? And if you love someone, shouldn’t you do things to make that person happy? If not, your profession of faith and love is meaningless.

Best always