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If Humans Were Smarter

Dear Brother Ron

If humans were smarter, would we need to follow a religion? I believe that our current technology will be a lot better in 10 years, but that is because people are constantly and noticably improving it. And we are displaying things that acually exist. That is how life goes.

But religion is based off of ancient stories that have been deemed "official". That's great and all, and people can believe what they want, but do people really need to follow a most likely false belief system? Everytime I hear someone say "Jesus said this" or "God said this" I wonder more and more why people are pursueded by these stories.

Oh and before you quote the bible, realize that you are just repeating what all of the other sheep have been saying for hundreds of years. You are just displaying your religiously fueled ignorance like all of the others.


Dear Ideocracy69

No matter how advanced our technology gets, religion will still be an integral part of our society. There are several good reasons for this.

1. Worshiping together strengthens our spiritual energies. Take a radio and tune it to any channel. Now take another radio and set it to exactly the same channel and the same volume. Put it beside the first radio. Keep doing this until you run out of radios. You will notice that every time you add another radio, the sound gets louder even though they are all set to the same volume.

This is known as sympathetic vibration. The radios work together to produce increased energy. Our spiritual energies work in much the same way. When a group of people focuses their spiritual energy together, they produce a much greater effect that any one of them could produce alone. Religion provides a focal point for this combination of energies, ahich has a beneficial effect on both the worshipers and the object of their spiritual energy.

2. Religious organizations are the most efficient means of providing needed goods and services to society. Imagine you and your family need $100 worth of groceries. To give you the food you need, the average church will spend $7.00 on administrative costs. The average United Way agency will spend $20.00 in administrative costs. The average government agency will spend $328.00 in administrative costs to give you the same $100.00 worth of food.

3. Religious organizations have the people, facilities and materials to provide spiritual training for our youth. The trick is to find an organization which will teach your children what you want them to learn. That is why it is important for parents to monitor their child's spiritual growth, just as they should monitor their intellectual growth in the schools. The big difference is the members of a church have much more control over the teaching that goes on in the church than parents do over the teaching in the schools. I believe this is a good thing.

As far as using stories is concerned, a good story is a good story no matter where it comes from. The parables of Jesus have endured through the years because they illustrate universal truths. They would be equally valuable if they came from a movie or a novel. Like most ministers, I do not limit myself to the Bible when searching for inspiration.

You mention the advancement of technology. I use technology constantly to find new ways to share new perspectives of God with my fellow ministers. I believe technology has provided a valuable resource for us to share our  knowledge and experiences which will help us form a more complete picture of God and a better relationship with Him. I believe this is what our Father had in mind when He revealed the secrets of this resource to its developers.

Where do you think Bill Gates got his ideas?

Best always
Brother Ron