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I Don't Feel Worthy to Pray

Dear Brother Ron

I don't really pray too often as I don't feel like I am worthy most of the time. For most of my life, I haven't felt I was meant for this world in this time and place because of how much i think outside the box and how much I'm against society's twisting of truth and reality. I'm definitely not one to pray for help for every little thing that comes up. To me, God's time is very important and I don't want to use it up frivolously.

I have a business partner and a best friend named pat. Pat tried taking her own life the other night and she is currently in a mental health facility and hopefully on her way to doing better. After I discovered her in bed overdosed and called an ambulance, I called her family. I now know this was the biggest mistake I could make. Now her family is doing things without her knowledge or approval which are nowhere near her best interest. This includes possibly causing her to lose her home she fought so hard to obtain. I feel they are also trying to put a
wedge between us so that I can't let her know what's going on.

I asked god in my prayer that he give me the strength, knowledge, and ability to stop things from happening that are not in her best interest. Please help me pray that i can succeed in the task that was put before me. Pat has helped me in so many ways including helping me to understand that I must remain the person I am and to continue my quest in the fight for humanity and God's will.

Please help me pray and please understand I only ask for prayer when it is absolutely necessary.


Dear Mike

You say you are not worthy to pray. Of course you're not worthy. Neither am I or anybody else. Fortunately, our Father loves us, poor unworthy creatures that we are, and loves to hear from us. And don't worry about bothering Him with minor details. By helping us with the minor details, He helps us avoid major problems. As far as wasting His time, since our Father exists in a reality beyond space and time, He literally has all the time in the world.

You say you were not meant for this time or place because you think outside the box and oppose twisting the truth. Maybe that's why you are in this time and place. Maybe our Father needed somebody with a brain to think outside the box and a voice to oppose those who try to distort His words. I like to think God is a pretty smart guy and there's usually a pretty good reason for the things He does.

Our prayers are with you and Pat. I know you are there to give her strength in this trying time. If her family is anything like you describe, it sounds like she is going to need it.

Best always